Hello world!

Welcome to  my new/first  blog, I’m still trying to find out what’s up with this thing, I guess I’ll figure it out soon (hopefully!!).

Well, I’m all about food,  it’s S E X Y, period!! but apparently it is not an easy task to make it look that sexy for the camera, so it’s the job of a Food Stylist (ME :) )to give the  lens mouthwatering images, and that’s what this blog will be about, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a recipe or two but mainly  I’ll be uploading my work.  As of today I’ll start  shooting food (and maybe some other stuff) on a daily basis and posting a pic or two so you guys and myself can see the progress, and I’ll love to hear ehem read your opinions, I’ll also post some food styling and food photography tips hoping to get some feedback!!!

I’ve been kind of doing this for a while now, and i repeat KIND OF, a few years ago  my friend and I worked together with a really talented photographer, Enrique Mendez de Hoyos, and we came out with really good stuff, after that just blah pics  taken with my phone camera or if I got lucky maybe my point and shoot…….but  from now on I’ll be taking this a bit more serious, starting with a DSLR and eventually some technique will show up!!

So here are the latest shots (from my phone camera), lets start out here and we’ll see how it goes!


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