Before and before Lou Manna

So I came all the way from Mexico to NYC to do a workshop with  Lou Manna, a great food photographer,  it was supposed to be today, but last night the guy had an accident, I hope he is doing well but here I am workshop-less. I was really excited about this workshop  I even planned this post to be called before and after Lou Manna but I guess that “after” is not going to happen, at least not during this trip.

Anyway, here are some of the pics I’ve taken with my new camera  Canon EOS Rebel T1i, which I’m loooooving!!!  I still don’t really get i t, but I’m confident I’ll know how to use it soon :), plus I also have to learn a little bit about post production.

Please let me now what you guys think about them

The first shot


7 responses to “Before and before Lou Manna

  1. There´s a “hairy” thing between 2 apples!!!! jajajajaja!!!

    Pero todo se va viendo muy bien!! Felicidades por la camara!!!

    Aprende lo máaas que puedas!

  2. Hi Marissa,

    This is great start. I was wondering if you have thought about a macabre edition before Halloween. You know, think Tim Burton.

  3. Great Pics!

  4. Volvi a ver las pics!!! me gustan mucho!!!, menos la “hairy thing between 2 apples”

    Felicidades prima!! quiero mas!!!

  5. Some potential clients might appear in the future here in the Bay, I will keep an eye on them ;)

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