NY / DC / NY

So….on monday I took a bus to DC, and as soon as I got there we went for dinner to a Korean place called MANDU, on 5th and K NW, which is DE LI CIOUS,  we ordered some dumplings, and Bulgogi (Pork Korean BBQ ) and for dessert  rice pancakes with pomegranate syrup, I got to say that everything was better than I expected.

2-2-2 Dumplings (veggie, pork, chicken)

Bulgogi and steamed rice

The following days I went to Zaytinya which is one of my favorite restaurants ever!!,  the Fish Market that I just found out existed (after living in D.C. for a year)  and Oyamel (7th and D NW)  that is DEFINITELY the best Mexican food you can get when far from Mexico,  here are some of those shots.

Oyamel’s amazing Sweet Potato flan

Papas al mole

Zaytinya’s Htipiti

Now I’m taking the Food Styling and Food Photography class at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC, and just went to absolute deliciousness Momofuku for dinner, so I’ll be posting about that soon! hope you enjoy this pics!!





2 responses to “NY / DC / NY

  1. Hi Marissa,

    My ex used to work at Mandu which she loved, she mentioned that the gm went to Korea to learn all he could about their far east cuisine & was the mastermind behind the concept menu.

    The sweet potato flan has been one of their best seasonal desserts.


  2. Your photos turned out great – taken with your new camera I assume? I want to hear about Momofuku!

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