ICE Workshop

So I just did a food photography and food styling workshop I this weekend at the Institute of Culinary Education   in NYC and  I got to say I learned a lot from Jamie Tiampo,  James Peterson, and Laurie Knoop who were teaching the class.

First of all I decided to go fully manual with my camera, which was scary at first, wait……… is still scary!  way to many things to control at the same time, but it is fun and I think I’m starting to get it, plus the images are way better……… ehem………. when you actually get it right!

During the workshop we were supposed to just work with whatever materials they had, or we could bring stuff from home, style it, and shoot it…….well we did our own shots but  the professionals were shooting the real thing  and talking us trough the process, telling us why they where doing this or that,  and showing us lighting techniques or tricks,  and much more……. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone that wants to get into food photography or food styling  for any reason .

These are the images I got, hopefully I’ll be able to get the real pics from the pros,  so we can all see the difference, some of these were styled by me and others where styled by some one else in the class, but they were all taken by me, and remember there is absolutely NO post production on this pics.

Please feel free to comment on this or any post, I like the feedback!

Ok this, one with the scallop makes no sense because no one would eat a scallop with watermelon radish just like that, but, the colors are pretty, right??

This one makes no sense either but I finally got the focus thing, scallop in the middle in focus, the rest blurry, yay!

On the next post, I’ll show some pictures from the Chelsea Market, and random food at NY!


3 responses to “ICE Workshop

  1. mucho mejores, la que tiene las tres rodajas abajo esta preciosa.

  2. I am not a fan of scallops, but the watermelon radish is a remarkable addition to its presentation…What kind of lens are you using, Marissa?

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