I love/hate to be in D.C. this time of the year,  cherry blossoms are fantastic!!! allergies suck!!!  anyways…….. I had a great sunday!  awesome food and so much fun!

It all started with yummilicious brunch, I’ve wanted to make this for a long time and finally they came true : Garlic and Lemon roasted asparagus with a beautifully poached egg, and mint (lately I put mint on almost everything!) all drizzled with a little lemon oil

Tossed with olive oil, salt and grated garlic, then roasted at 425 for 6 mins

add the prosciutto, poached egg, parmesan cheese, drizzle with lemony olive oil and add a couple of little mint leaves.  It was amazing!

After that little brunch, we took a long walk to the National Mall and the Jefferson Memorial, just to see those beautiful Cherry Blossoms

And for dinner………. Scallops with blood orange gastrique and mint, soooooo good!!!

This one was “plated” on a cutting board due to the lack of white plates over here……… ahem………. this was a quick shot, and it definitely does no justice to the actual dish which tasted waaaaaaaaay better than it looks.

I definitely have to learn and practice more, specially about  cooking and shooting at the same time (it’s harder than I thought) and we’ll see If my pics start getting better.

Have a nice week, thanks for reading my posts!


One response to “Spring!!

  1. la de los cerezos con no se que momumento sea te salio divina y la del proscuito tambien, hasta se antoja,

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