Best Grilled Cheese ever for my b-day!

Dear Grilled Cheese:  I LOVE YOU!!!!

Grilled Manchego, Murcia, Valdeón and goat cheese with truffle oil, on rustic bread, served with honey alioli.

How can you go wrong with grilled cheese?? fatty, melted, delicious!! but Jaleo takes it to a new level, their grilled cheese is just…….. PERFECT!! and it is not just the grilled cheese, which is really good by itself but together with that honey alioli ……….. Its the best thing EVER!  It feels just like that scene from ratatouille when he tastes the cheese and the strawberry and the brother is like WTF,  remember??  well…… it was something like that!

That was my birthday lunch along with white sangria, wich is pretty good too.

White Sangria

And last but of course not least, Mr. Dessert……… rich, chocolatey, creamy texture, with a little candle!!! :)

Make a wish and blow the candle!!

The best way to finish that lunch!!

That night we had dinner at Mandu, and  I like everything I’ve tried from their menu so far, plus those sojutinis are  great!

Egg dipped fried Zucchini

duru jjigeemarinated and spiced pork belly sauteed w/kimchi and rice cakes, served with steamed tofu

And that was my happy Birthday!!


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