Puebla, Puebla, located in East-central Mexico is known for its food among other things,  maybe Mole Poblano is the most famous item, but they have plenty of  traditional dishes, and candies, for me Cemitas (<- click if you want to know more) are the best!  There is this market “Mercado del Carmen” where they have a restaurant that is literally a Cemita Factory, it’s just amazing, and delicious! sorry I didn’t get better shots, the light was awful, place too crowded, the lady with the avocado in one hand and the knife on the other wouldn’t let me take pictures…… and enough excuses :)

Making Cemitas

Next some pics of street food you can find just walking downtown Puebla.

Street Corn

Mamey: Ok, I've been thinking for a couple of minutes now how to explain the taste of mamey, but it can't be compared to anything, it's creamy texture and sweetness are pretty unique. I love it mashed with some condensed milk, almonds and cinnamon.

Papas y Chicharrones mmmmmm


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