Graffiato by Mike Isabella

I have to say I didn’t really want to go to this place at first,  but after several reviews of close friends who I absolutely trust in food matters,  (of course they told me about the bone marrow and bacon in the same plate)…………I had to try it, and  it’s actually good, the food is beautiful,  and at least everything I had (except for one of the desserts) was delicious, not mind-blowing delicious but delicious.

The place is nice,  service was excellent, and here are the pics……

Bar Garnishes in pretty sunlight

Spiced Beets with pork fried almonds

Bone Marrow pistachio, cured lemon, bread crumbs, bacon


Chocolate Tart olive oil, sea salt gelato

The nutella cookies images  are not available because I ate them before even thinking about the camera :)  (we all know which dessert I liked better now)


2 responses to “Graffiato by Mike Isabella

  1. Lovely photography!

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