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1 chicken 2 meals

Ok!!! After a few weeks without posting, I’m back! the truth is, I’ve been sucking lately at shooting, plus I hate not having white plates, blue plates suck!!! anyway I couldn’t let more time go by without blogging so last week we (Ginno and I) made chicken with  40 cloves of garlic and  orzo salad with thyme, lemon  and pan roasted chicken breast, here are the pics…

Thighs and legs were pat dried, seasoned and browned, then went into the oven  with the 40 cloves of garlic, 2 cups of olive oil,  and a few sprigs of thyme,  after an hour we served them with mashed potatoes and it was great!

The next day I used the left over olive oil and pan roasted the breast, then served it over orzo salad with lemon, thyme and cherry tomatoes.

And this is why I hate blue plates!!!!!

Promise better pics for the next time :)