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Estacion (Mexico)

During my trip to Mexico I had amazing food every day, ┬ábut one of the best meals was definitely at ESTACION, a new restaurant, that serves ┬áseasonal and deconstructed mexican food, everything looked amazing, and tasted great, I’d go back any time, here are some shots….

Tostadas de Atun y Robalito Semisarandeado

Postre: Cafe de olla

Higos con mousse de queso oaxaca

Platanos Fritos con leche condensada y galletas de canela

We also had deconstructed Mole de olla, delicious duck with tejocote and mole and chocolate cake, all of them were great, the pictures mmmmm…. not so much… (someone needs some practice!)

And here a little bonus on Mexican food, my nephew tried “chapulines” (grasshoppers) for the first time, and couldn’t stop eating them, just with a little lime juice…..

yummy grasshoper